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Wigs, Wings, and Scary Things – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 49

As the Heroes continue their exploration of The Wailing they find more danger as well as the one thing that...

Smell Pun – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 48

The heroes set sail for The Wailing in their quest to help Essalund and find the Lich. But first they...

It Could’ve Been Worse – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 47

Our Heroes handle shocking news the best way they know how: they go out drinking.

shield against the sword

The Sword Against the Shield – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 46

The Heroes are called back to The Council as The Dominion finally realizes the threats assaulting it.


Shush! – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 47

After freeing Saysil, our heroes go toe-to-toe with the evil wizard Hop in the middle of the ocean.

My Claire Lady – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 46

Claire faces her biggest fear in what might be the funniest session we’ve seen so far.

That’s Mr. Bevedere to You – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 45

The heroes have a plan and set up a stakeout to make it happen. Aside from finding a source for...

I Ain’t Afraid of No Drow – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 44

The battle rages on with a new potential ally stepping in to try and save them, but is she all...

Gods and Soup Pots – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 45

Our heroes come face to face with the Goddess Zeboim and might live through it.

Mutes, Mutts and Cabbage Butts

Mutes, Mutts, and Cabbage Butts – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 44

The heroes continue on their plan to infiltrate Toobin’s group but learn that there’s more going on than meets the...

Elf Sashimi – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 44

The ship is overrun by ravenous fish men and it’s up to our heroes to save the crew and themselves.

Deputized in Blood – The Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 42

Have the heroes finally won some allies in their quest to save Essalund? Or have they found some new enemies?

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