2017 Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide

In case you haven’t noticed we play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons with The Heroes of Awesome and we...

Now Museum, Now You Don’t – The Heroes 100th Episode

It’s the 100th Episode of The Heroes of Awesome and everyone’s together for the the first time.

Son of Oblivion – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 49

Our heroes finally meet the king as their greatest enemies line up to challenge them.

The Lich Sitch – Dominon of Essalund: Chapter 50

Our Heroes return to their adventure of The Wailing, but might be stuck there.

Actur and the Legendary Chicken

It’s a one shot where we get to play new characters in a new setting.

The Brother Slayers – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 48

After a long voyage, the heroes finally make it to the Southern Isles in their effort to save the King.

Wigs, Wings, and Scary Things – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 49

As the Heroes continue their exploration of The Wailing they find more danger as well as the one thing that...

Smell Pun – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 48

The heroes set sail for The Wailing in their quest to help Essalund and find the Lich. But first they...

It Could’ve Been Worse – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 47

Our Heroes handle shocking news the best way they know how: they go out drinking.

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