It Could’ve Been Worse – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 47

Our Heroes handle shocking news the best way they know how: they go out drinking.

After blowing off some steam they almost make it to their ship without any trouble, but it wouldn’t be Dungeons and Dragons without a twist. They almost make it to the ship before a deadly ambush threatens their lives and the future of Essalund.

2 Responses to “It Could’ve Been Worse – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 47

  • Count Malleus Maleficarum
    3 months ago

    Are you guys going to do anymore one-offs like your Fiasco playthrough? I think it would be great if you did Fury Of Dracula. I saw your review of that game and thinking of picking it up myself but I’d love to see a live-play of it. It would be great since Halloween is coming up. Or, the XCOM board game since I know you’re a big XCOM fan.

    It would be great to see you bring back your board game reviews, too!

    • Mark Gardner
      2 months ago

      Hey! We may do some more Fiasco plays or something similar in the future. We usually end up playing that by ear but we do have the occasional one-shot adventures too.

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