Son of Oblivion – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 49

Our heroes finally meet the king as their greatest enemies line up to challenge them.

All the pieces come together in the Southern Isles as our heroes finally meet the king. Unfortunately their enemies are already there and they have a plan. The only question is, who lives and who dies. And who eats the fish.

One Response to “Son of Oblivion – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 49

  • Count Malleus Maleficarum
    2 months ago

    Yes, finally we’ll get into Taruil’s backstory! I’ve been waiting for so long since your 5e conversion episode. The way it was talked up it sounded the most interesting compared to the other characters.

    I’m also really glad how Brandon is fleshing out Cendia’s backstory, and has made her Dragon the Heroes’ archnemesis. I’m quite sure it was this Dragon that intervened on the Heroes’ behalf during their encounter with Zeboim. I wonder if that will create a conflict of interest amongst the Heroes since Zeboim and the Dragon have opposing plans of conquest. Would they be willing to side with one enemy to combat the other?

    Now that the story has moved towards gods and dragons, Claire’s revenge story no longer interests me, and I hope it gets resolved soon. Of course, it didn’t help that it was the primary focus for this series for a great number of episodes at the expense of the other characters. Sorry but her antics started to get on my nerves. Otherwise, Heroes Of Awesome is still one of my favourite D&D shows behind Girls, Guts, Glory.

    So, I hope this show has turned a corner now that the stakes have been dramatically raised from a simple revenge plot. So keep up the great work Brandon. Less Claire, more everyone else.

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