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That’s Mr. Bevedere to You – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 45

The heroes have a plan and set up a stakeout to make it happen. Aside from finding a source for...

I Ain’t Afraid of No Drow – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 44

The battle rages on with a new potential ally stepping in to try and save them, but is she all...

Gods and Soup Pots – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 45

Our heroes come face to face with the Goddess Zeboim and might live through it.

Mutes, Mutts and Cabbage Butts

Mutes, Mutts, and Cabbage Butts – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 44

The heroes continue on their plan to infiltrate Toobin’s group but learn that there’s more going on than meets the...

Elf Sashimi – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 44

The ship is overrun by ravenous fish men and it’s up to our heroes to save the crew and themselves.

Deputized in Blood – The Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 42

Have the heroes finally won some allies in their quest to save Essalund? Or have they found some new enemies?

S.O.L. in Essalund

S.O.L. in Essalund – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 41

Our heroes come before The Council and plead their case, but will it be enough to overcome the suspicions around...

Mr Belvedere

Mr. Belvedere Goes to The Council – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 40

The party finally makes it to The Council where they inadvertently make Belvedere a star and discover a horrible murder...

levers are for lovers

Levers are for Lovers – Dominion of Essalund: Chapter 39

Our heroes stumble on a buried complex and have to find their way out before it’s too late.

Mystery Ship

The Mystery Ship – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 43

Once on the open seas our heroes are faced with another problem.. or 2.

Previously on… – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 42

An ambush and an obvious trap leave our adventurers in no mood for dinner. No, it’s not a recap episode.

No Me Toques

No Me Toques – A War in Scarlet: Chapter 41

The reunion of Kiera and her old flame might not be described as “tender.”

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